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Actionscript or HTML...

I have taken the plunge and just got together with a library of actionscript books as I have never needed to learn before, but I cant help wondering if I am wasting my time as Apple will never support Flash documents on their website, iphone or ipad, so shall I continue to focus my skills in HTML instead. :)


Senior Member
www. shouldilearnhtmlinsteadofactionscripting.com

I know it doesn't exist, but if it had existed, it would've said YES! :)
I'd go for HTML unless you want to focus mainly on motion design. Actionscript is also quite extensive, and a lot harder to learn than HTML.

If you go down the HTML route, then I'd recommend learning CSS as well.
I believe apple are now developing their own "flash" software... They cannot cut a deal with Adobe and cannot afford this not to be working on the mobile devices. However I don't know how it will be coded...maybe with xcode?


I would've thought xcode will be the way that they make their version of flash work ... and it will no doubt be made in a similar way to iMovie or something like that.