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Accounting Software?


Senior Member
Me again!

Another move we are planning to make is to stremline our accounts, im wondering if any companies have some software which looks after all the invoicing, VAT etc, links it altogether, to make it easy to maintain?

Even perhaps link up with BaseCamp??

At the moment we have a very manual system of using an excel spreadsheet and to keep making up individual invoices for clients, very time consuming..

As usual any advice would be great!

I'm sure there are more comprehensive systems out there so I'd be interested to hear views too but I'm currently using a combination of two (quite cheap) programmes. Not ideal but is one step up from Excel spreadsheets. First is iFinance Synium
I use this mainly for tracking expenses and cashflow, it's quite simple and I'm sure I could do more with it, but it is useful to have quick and easy breakdown of the in's and outs. You can export data to Excel too which is useful for tax returns etc.

I've also got billings for timetracking and invoicing Billings 3 | Professional Time Billing for Anyone. to be honest I'd struggled with the invoice templates to get them to be flexible enough for my needs so still do my own. I haven't written it off but need to spend a bit of time on the set up before implementing fully.

Tom Sound

Active Member
Hi Brett,

we used MYoB (Mind your own business), we're a company of Two people and it's perfect for what we need, invoicing, sales and customer records, Vat Return.

Not sure what's happening with it as I think it got bought out by another company but if the new update is as good as the current version it's worth a look.

oh, just had a look and it's Mamut now....

MYOB and Mamut - Mamut Software Ltd

We got it initially as it's mac based.