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Access to a .dwg file deny

I was working in a drawing when I got a message asking me to save a recovery copy which I did, but now I can't open the original file. Every time I try get this message: AutoCad Error Aborting - Fatal error: Unhandle access violation reading 0x3b639abe exception at 33ed3712h.
What is this and how can I fix it so I can go back to use my original drawing which is linked to some others?


Staff member
Needing to save to a recovery file usually means the original file has screwed up and become corrupted. Find the recovery file and hope it works. If it doesn't it usually means you need to start over from the beginning.

As with all types of work you should always have a backup, personally I save a second copy at key points so if it does corrupt I don't lose as much.
Sounds like something that happened to one of my guys. ACad noticed the drawing file became corrupted (bad sectors in my case) and prompted to save a recovery. In my case, i was able to recover the original drawing by going to "file" - "recovery", only after i moved the location of the file.

Sometimes my autocad makes a copy of the original file with the word "recover" added to the name if it made one try opening it if wookiewookie's suggestion doesn’t work on the original. Sometimes mine doesn’t make that copy for whatever reason or it’s an empty file, if all else fails try inserting the corrupted dwg into a new dwg as a block. In the extreme case you can try some utility like DWG Recovery Toolbox. If you have a backup you can restore from it. http://www.oemailrecovery.com/dwg_recovery.html

Good luck!