Abstract brand name for handmade jewellery company


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I am a graphic designer and at the moment starting my own handmade jewelry company.
I am looking for a unique abstract brand name.
Some key points of the jewelry are, minimalistic, elegant but still colorfull for younger and older people.
Can somebody help me with any good ideas?



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What's wrong with Dorien?

Surely your own brand name is personal to you, and only you knows you and what your jewellery is about?

Paul Murray

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Do you have any jewellery ready? Maybe show it to people and ask them to describe it. Maybe you invent a word or phrase to describe it? I had a client who asked for something to be 'crystal black'. He meant a really dark black, and although you don't often hear that term, I knew exactly what he was asking for – a black that was so dark it was considered pure, like a diamond.


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Have a trawl through Google Earth and look for town names in Africa/Asia etc.
I'm sure you will find something abstract that will catch your eye.