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About Colour

Hi, everybody. Help please. I would like to read books about the interaction of colors and generally about the concept of color ( i.e. what colors suit each other and why). If you have read such books recommend please. Good Luck To Everyone.


Staff member
Wow - it's a bit of a weird request.

I spent many a day in the library when I was studying and reading all types of books on colour, from colour in design, to colour theory, to colour and wavelengths, and very nerdy science books about colour.

Have you no access to a library to read up on these things... I wouldn't say there's any 1 definitive book, but a lot of reading and learning, studying and understanding is always a good thing :)

Good luck to you too!


Staff member
There are so many theories and off shoots regarding colour that making any sort of recommendation wouldn't feel complete.

As above, go find your library and look into colour theory etc