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A5 flyer project

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
EEEEEEEeevenin' all. Currently re-working a disaster in the making that was, my new bosses attempt at making a flyer in Word *shudder*. Not charging him anything for it, I just didn't want to be handing out what he had done in word, even though I told him I'd whip him something up if he just gave me the info he needed on it *facepalm* anywoobles...

I am a fan of Helvetica for flyer text but i'm not sure this time around. Trajan is what the buildings signage was based on anyway so had to make use of it really!



Senior Member
Edit: I didn't read that last sentence carefully enough. Sorry about that. However, I would still say don't use it because it's already being used in the logo (or something similar) and as a rule, I don't believe it's useful to duplicate fonts used in logos as headings. A serif font would be a nice addition to the headings instead.