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A4 printer


I need to get an A4 colour printer for my home studio. It's mainly for checking layouts/font sizes in print. Colour accuracy isn't too important (although obviously would be an added bonus). I'd like one that prints fairly quickly though. I need one that is Mac compatible and preferably not too big.

Budget - anything up to around £150

Anyone have any models/brands they would recommend buying or steering clear of?

Thanks :)


Staff member
I usually buy canon but you'll find epson and hp being used by others on here too.

If you stick with one of the top 3 you should be fine.

I would suggest getting one with duplex and individual inks. Don't take too much notice of print speeds, they're never accurate and are only useful in comparing same brand... ie canon ip4200 versus ip5200 for example.
Cheers Levi. I was thinking probably a Canon or Epson. I know what you mean re advertised ppm times, I just don't want one that is painfully slow.


Staff member
ok I've got a canon ip5200 (does it's job for my needs) and it can manage around 10-20 text pages per minute and around 1 page full colour once it's got past that initial load stage. Speeds are based on normal quality which I very rarely go below, it gives a nice balance of quality versus time and obviously duplex slows it down as does high print settings.

A canon around the same point (it was the second cheapest canon with separate inks iirc) should match if not beat that sort of performance


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I've had an Epson Stylus Photo R300 since 2004 and it's still going strong, so that says something for the Epson's longevity. Not sure what the current equivalent is. It is a bit of a chunky monkey compared to some of the newer ones around though.
Yeah I've had good experiences of Epson printers lasting. My Epson 1400 printer has lasted about 5 years so far and is going strong.