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A3 Printer

I'm looking into getting an A3 inkjet printer for my office and wondered if anyone had any brand/ model recommendations? Ink costs is more of a consideration than quality as it's more for just my own proofing then anything.

I'm avoiding hp after getting through a couple of right turkeys from them in the past, so looking perhaps epson, Cannon etc. Any thoughts?
I too have the HP 1280 Deskjet and would recommend it. With quality paper put through it I've asked if the prints have been done on a laser.

I'd imagine there must be newer models out now though?


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any of the canon models really in my view, got an ix4000 as a proof printer here, even uses the same ink as my a4 printer, so saves me money that way :)

However I'd go with Berry's suggestion if print cost is a factor, lasers are generally cheaper to run long term.
allyally2k said:
I use the hp 1280 at work and it's a bit crazy... it takes in extra sheets and prints random things but quality is fine!

oooh ours does that too! Glad to know it's not something I'm doing lol.

But as Ally said, not a bad printer.
I find that it only takes extra sheets if there is a small amount of paper loaded in to the printer.

I think there is a certain amount of sheets needed for it to load properly, which is mentioned in the instructions/read me I think.
I've got an Epson Stylus Photo R2400 that prints up to A3+, managed to get it off eBay for a decent price a couple of years ago.

Best thing is the 9 separate cartridges...you can either get compatibles (for everyday printing) for a quid each or you can do what I did and get an pigment ink system from Lyson.

R2400 Lyson Continuous Bulk Ink System

Good enough quality for photographic prints, and the provide a custom printer profile for you.

Edit: If you can get your hands on any of the Epson A3 printers you should be able to get a decent ink system from Lyson or someone else. Just don't go down the eBay route, they may be cheaper but the ink is rubbish, and the system probably wont work.

I've got a HP Business Inkjet 2800, used twice!! So the inks that came with it (usually 50% cartridges) should still be ok to use. I've had it just over a year and its in perfect condition, got the box too.

Any reasonable offer accepted, pick up from Manchester would be even better!

Thanks but got one now, went with the Epson Office B1100 as it's a good price (£150) does A3+ and uses the same ink as my Epson 3 in 1 A4 printer, so made sense.


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What is the colour reproduction like? I'm beginning to hate my HP printer because most of the colours are way off what they're supposed to be. And it stretches things vertically. Aaargh. Can anyone recommend a good one colour-wise? A4 would do.