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A wee graphic design job


Senior Member
I’m in the process of migrating over an eCommerce store from another supplier and the client would like to make a very minor change to the design.

If you look here: www(dot)mudhuggers(dot)co(dot)uk you will see they have images of rucksacks in the header and footer with red leaves for Autumn. Now look here: www(dot)mudhuggers(dot)openmindcommerce(dot)co(dot)uk and you will see it has tents and green leaves for spring/summer.

Basically they want to keep the green leaves but use the rucksacks images.

If anyone could turn this round quite quickly I would appreciate it. I have JPG versions of the files but unfortunately not the original PSDs.

Please contact me at omcadmin(at)openmindcommerce.co.uk with a ballpark price and link to your site.

PS - The links are deliberately broken ;)