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A rethink?? Very confused. :(


Senior Member
Hi people.

Ive been posting about a site I'm making for a course project - design your own media/design company and brand it up, and make the website. It is a webdesign course.. so all needs to be accurately done.

Im half way thru a jquery based 1 page site that - on my desktop, is really lovely to look at and took me a hell of a lot of time. There are still bugs in it which need finishing and ironing but nothing drastically wrong or too hard to overcome.

However, the running speed of it is very low, and its not brilliant for search engines.

I know now that this design is not optimum for what i want to use it for .. but it took me so long and i do think its v nice if its working properly. could i make it better?

Would removing some content from it make it run quicker? know a lot of script is in there but thats needed.. i suppose that could be tidied if i tried hard - im new - would it make a difference? Is there anything else that might make the loading and 'performance' speed of it better?

And does anyone have any tips on SEO'ing it?

theres another option.. drop this altogether and save myself the pain by telling myself ill use it as a smaller portfolio site (less pages and a few less behaviours, would that quicken it up?), and go for a more basic multiple page html site for this one.. with a few javascript tweaks.. *sigh*..

Thanks for the great help in advance as always


Oh- yeah yeah, the site URL! http://www.ameliealden.com/stf/rework