A new site idea



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If that site is real, and the project/event is real, thats thats cool... Would love to do that! ;-)


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Hi Disco,

Yup all real. there is a link on the site half way down that you can get more information about the event. They have some pictures from the previous event too :)

Thanks for the feedback too!


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halfbuiltrobot said:
Looks absolutely Brilliant....Quick question through: Can all the lower illustration be viewed on smaller screens ok?
I can see it all in its full glory on my greedy 27" and the top part scales nicely within the window - but will readers have the same view on a 19" dell?

Other than that cracking stuff
I belive the illustration should be fine on smaller screens. Anything narrower than 960px might start getting issues. I threw this together in an evening as was meant to go back and add more feature/tweak it some more, but never got round to it. never mind!

glenwheeler said:
Is the site meant to scroll automatically ?
haha no it's not. Never had anyone mention this before! Its straight forward HTML/CSS. Did you try refreshing the page?