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A mac in a hurry

Hi All,

Mental busy week and my mac has gone off to be repaired. Anyone know any companies that do short term leasing of macs? I had a leaflet with the last couple of Computer Arts mags but must have thrown it and can't remember the company name, does anyone who gets Computer Arts still have it by any chance?

All suggestions welcome as I need one sorted by tomorrow.

Thanks Chris, gave them a call but found a couple of cheaper options. Borrowing a friends for tonight and a rental on it's way for tomorrow. Really shall have to invest in a mini mac for emergency use, shame they have not long put the prices right up.
No Tim, you are too popular, couldn't get a genius appointment for the Bullring till Friday, so I made the 3hr round trip to Leicester and they are fixing it.


Senior Member
oh shit, why didnt you make a 20 minute round trip to solihull and get it done there instead?

and yeah, call 0121 260 1900 three days in advance if you want an appointment ;)

and the bullring gets customers from all over the place, including scotland (WHY?!), so dont hold your breath with quick slots.
Did but earliest was Thursday at 5pm for Solihull and needed it sorted asap. Impressed they are repairing it for free even though it is out of warranty, was starting to loose my faith in apple but apparently its a known graphic card issue so they are just sorting it. Can't complain.
I recently had to hire a Mac Pro for a video editing job, it was a quad-core with 16GB ram and an extra 1TB HD for a reasonable rate, was definitely the cheapest I could find. The company I used was called We Hire Macs, sounds a bit cheap and nasty but it definitely did the job and more, top service too :D

I forgot to mention, I phoned up at 6.30 after hours, lucky still there and they were willing to put it in a cab that evening or deliver it first thing the next day. Now that is what I call service.