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A little help

Hi all.

I am aware that this is a long shot and may be asking a lot. I posted a thread a month ago asking what people would find interesting and useful in a magazine for freelance designers. After gratefully receiving feedback then, and processing it, I have come to a daunting realization. The problem is, I am running short of articles and resources. I have an ever extending list of what I want to include, but lack of experience to write it all off of my own back.

I will list some articles I intend to include and that I would appreciate help on:

Technology Review: I need a review of a new software or technology that is relevant and/ or useful to designers and/ or freelancers.

Trick Tips: A collection of useful tips for any software.

Re-Branding: I want to analyze a big brands re-branding. It seems like Pepsi is in the front line for this atm.

Start To Finish: I would like to document a project from start to finish. I think it will be interesting to see how other designers go about their projects. Also the process of getting those clients.

Networking: I want to cover the importance of networking, where and how to...

What kind of business help do you think would be most beneficial to new freelancers? Ie. What to charge, writing proposals, how to approach potential clients etc..

I am also in need of projects to 'showcase' and creative self-promotional pieces. If you feel you have a strong knowledge in any of those fields, your help would be direly appreciated.

I'm sure this seems like a massive case of, 'lazy student'! haha But it's not.... honest. I want to spend as much time designing the magazine as possible, but it's hard to develop it with my head in books trying to learn and then transcribe articles that I don't have much experience in. I could use filler text, but that's not the same!

If you do decide to help, you can reply to me through here, PM, or email: lordy18 [at] hotmail.co.uk. You will be credited for any input (naturally) and it will be exhibited in a gallery.

Thanks in advance,


*I hope this is in the right forum group*