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A learner graphic designer?

Discussion in 'Tenders & Services Required Forum:' started by Boyden, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Boyden

    Boyden New Member

    Hiya folks,

    I am fairly new to web design and I am looking for someone who is fairly new to graphical design to work with me on any further projects I may get.

    I mainly do this as a hobby although I will be starting to charge shortly but this means that anyone interested will be doing because they enjoy the same as me for now. No web design skills required at all just someone who enjoys graphical design no matter what their skill level.

    PM or contact me on the address below.

    Cheers Marc
  2. CupcakeCreative

    CupcakeCreative New Member


    I might be able to help...always looking to take on extra bits of work here and there to add to my portfolio...
    Perhaps you could explain a little about the work etc..

    my portfolio is at Home
  3. Boyden

    Boyden New Member

    Wow! You might be a little bit good to be helping me out!!!! I am only learning web design myself and I was looking for someone who was learning graphic design themselves to do a few web sites to add to our portfolios as and when I pull the work in. It might be take the micky if I asked you to help me out michelle because I reckon the stuff in your portfolio is brilliant.


  4. CupcakeCreative

    CupcakeCreative New Member

    thanks... i did see that you said someone new to design, whilst i am not 'new' as such, i am still pretty much a 'junior designer' so i am happy to help out with a variety of projects, big or small, as i am just looking to build up my portfolio..

    I'm not really clear on what you are looking for though, is it that your starting to do web design and need a designer to do the graphics for your site? or am i not understanding correctly?

  5. Boyden

    Boyden New Member

    Basically I will be going back to college in September to study web media but at the moment I occassionally do the odd web site for people locally. I don't usually charge but if I was working with someone else that wanted to start adding to their portfolio then I would probably start to charge so that we would both be getting paid for our services and maybe I will be able to pull a few people in with different skills later on.

    I have'nt even thought about making a site for myself(which is pretty poor come to think about it) be honest I have only made 2 web sites and I am currently designing one for a photography company but my graphical capabilities are limited.


  6. CupcakeCreative

    CupcakeCreative New Member

    well once you get up and running and start to charge, if you need any graphics done let me know, i have very low prices so i'm sure i could help you out
  7. Boyden

    Boyden New Member

    Thanks alot. I would be very interested to know your prices for future reference if thats ok.
  8. suzy@cystem

    suzy@cystem Guest

    Hi Marc,

    I have emailed you :icon_smile:

  9. CupcakeCreative

    CupcakeCreative New Member


    Business Card Design £20 (one side) £30 (2 sided)
    Logo Design £55 (3 designs to choose from)
    Logo Design £35 (one logo design)
    A6 Flyers £25 (one sided) £35 (double sided)
    A5 Flyer £30 (one sided) £40(double sided)
    Web graphics from £15
    Web design £75 (up to 5 pages) £15 per extra page

  10. destined

    destined New Member

    Just to let you know, i sent you a PM
  11. wayne

    wayne New Member

    Hi Guys

    I don't want to come across as being miserable, especially as I think young/junior designers need encouraging and nurturing! But..

    Boyden - It is against all industry design standards to do any form of work for free, even if you charged a nominal fee, it's better than nothing! And the sooner you get in to the habit of charging and setting rates, the better at negotiating budgets and costing projects you will be in the future.

    Cupcakecreative - wow! they are very VERY low rates!! £35 for a logo - considering the logo will be used on all communications and marketing material for the company in the future, it will be the sum of their whole identity and the marque loyal customers and clients will associate themselves with as the company grows.. I think you need to increase your rates and boost your income!!

    Good luck guys :)
  12. chris_17

    chris_17 Member

    You aren't being serious?
  13. rosscolfc

    rosscolfc New Member

    the problem is that there are som many amateurs selling logos on line for £9.99 (or something silly) that as soon as you quote a small business £50+ for a logo they look at you like your crazy!

    Some printers are even quoting that f you buy the "gold package" (or similar) ie 1000 letter heads, buis' cards etc they will design you a logo inclusive of the price!

    People who have no Marketing, Branding or design experience don't see the importance of a good logo. thats why there are so many trades vans driving around with word clip art all over them!

    I have done really contemporary typographic designs before only to be told "yer thats nice but can we have this picture of a builder next to it"! and the image is from clipart! :icon_Wall::icon_Wall::icon_cursing:
  14. chris_17

    chris_17 Member

    I agree, don't get me wrong everyone has to start somewhere I've just started doing this, but I would like to think that the stuff I do is worth more than £75 per website, either the work people do are awful or they are underselling themselves significantly.
  15. wayne

    wayne New Member


    that's why it's up to you as the professional to educate the client and take them on the journey with you, if you want to earn a reputation of a certain kind, then by all means carry on - if you want to earn serious money with a professional reputation, then you have to learn to pitch your design in the right way..
  16. wayne

    wayne New Member

    I just want to add.. there IS such a thing as a bad client..

    If they really want nothing more than clip art for £35, I'd advise them to keep the money and do it themselves.. some things are just not worth the reputation.
  17. CupcakeCreative

    CupcakeCreative New Member

    Firstly the original poster asked for help from a graphic designer - not a thread disputing my prices!
    Secondly, Wayne, i find your comments kinda offensive and your private messages calling me a 'certain type of designer' suggests i am not a professional or my work would be inferior because of the cost!

    I have got a portfolio of my work which people can see, clearly if they feel it's not up to scratch they wont use me, yet i still have a constant stream of work and have had to turn people away until september because i am so busy

    I am not usually someone who lets comments bother her, most things go over my head but i think your posts and private messages regarding my prices are not really for you to judge, I posted to help people out, not for opinions on my prices

    Plus, I am currently doing websites for a Young photographer guy, straight out of college, no money, how the hell is he meant to get a website done for thousands of pounds? He can't get business and make money unless he has a website but he can't afford to get a website until he has some business and makes money!! what's he meant to do? I've done projects for several people in this position.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2009
  18. wayne

    wayne New Member

    Ok before this gets out of hand, my comments weren't meant to upset anybody and it certainly wasn't a personal attack. As for my private messages, since they've been brought up, I assume I'm free to publish them openly..


    Hi Michelle

    I've replied in the forum, but wanted to offer a private guide on some pricing - you're seriously missing out on some lucrative income!

    It is usual to charge from £400 - £1,500 for a full website (around 5 pages) and up to £4,000 if working for a corporate client!

    Similar prices apply for branding and logo design.

    Consider this - if you went to freelance within an agency, you would be paid more than the full time, employed staff! Don't sell yourself short, do some research into pricing and get making some serious money!!

    (And when you're rich, don't forget me!!)

    All the best


    Thanks for the advice but i am fully aware of design prices - i work full time as a graphic designer for a company.

    My freelance prices i choose to keep low, one, because i believe some of the prices designers charge are wayyy too high for the amount of time and work involved and two, because if all design prices were high loads of people wouldn't be able to afford to get anything done, especially new businesses with low budgets.

    I would rather help people out than make a lot of money, i even do alot of work for people for free.



    Fair enough.
    I guess there's a market for certain types of designers.


    Apart from there being a lack of maturity in your response, I was being serious, there is a market for a certain type of designer. and without prejudice maybe you do fit that profile? I also never once stated your work would be inferior.

    I agree design isn't just about money - it's about.. well. design! unfortunately as idealistic as this may be, we all have to make a living and therefore earn money from design. Maybe I was just shocked at you pricing, and that's mainly because I feel it devalues the industry as a whole.

    Like I said, it wasn't personal, I'm more interested in the debate rather than attack and conquer. I'm sure you've noticed I wasn't the only person to comment.

  19. wayne

    wayne New Member

    Oh I may as well throw a spanner in the works..

    Design for me is primarily about problem solving and doing what's best for the client. Sometimes they want to say something, other times sell something and there are many different ways to solve these problems. I don't necessarily think the problem solving includes clip art (unless you're being ironic). And it is true that more often than not - you do get what you pay for.
  20. CupcakeCreative

    CupcakeCreative New Member

    to be honest wayne. your messages were just the last straw to make me bite, as all i ever get from this website is messages and comments going on about my prices, and how my work must be rubbish because it's cheap etc... so all that i have said was not all aimed at you, so for that i will apologise

    i'm just sick of it, i come on here because i like helping people and i love to design, and it annoys me that people feel the need to send me comments like that all the time, in my opinion it's no one elses business! I am not de-valuing the industry, I am making the industry available to individuals and small businesses that it would otherwise not be available too.

    I probably shouldn't have mentioned the private messages, but i don't think it was necessary or relevant to post it all, however i do stand by everything i said. I don't believe it's always true that 'you get what you pay for' and have many happy clients who i'm sure would agree!

    There may have been a lack of maturity in my response but that's because i am constantly trying to defend my corner! there is only so much critisism you can take! and i just get really wound up having to constantly explain myself.

    I have removed my personal circumstances from my previous post because it's really not relevant and my personal circumstances is just that.. personal.

    You can read more about this in my post in the 'offers' section


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