A leap full of questions ?!?!?


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Hi everyone - I'm looking for some advice!

I'm currently employed full time as a graphic designer and I want to make the leap to freelance.

I've decided to use a company name as mines not great and I'm getting married soon so it will all be changing, I worry using my name then changing it may loose any reputation I've managed to build and the obvious cost of changing domain names/ stationery etc doesn't seem worth it.

This brings me onto my next issue - My company will essentially just be me to start with, so is it okay to say things like 'here at (business name) WE think…' instead of I ? Or will this look a bit phoney? Equally will it seem odd if under a company name I say 'I think…' instead?

I've also worked with some recognised national clients whilst working for other companies, but I don't know how they'd feel about having an association with a company they've not heard of even though it's just me. To get round any issues I was thinking of using a phrase like 'Here's a list of just some of the companies our designers have worked with' and therefore not linking them directly to my business, just the people who work there.

In the 'About' section, I've explained why the company was started and that I am the sole designer which I think helps clarify things - but of course not everyone reads everything!

I was just wondering if anyone's had any similar issues/ experiences and how you worked it out? Any opinions also welcome : )

Thanks guys!


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If you are worried just do something like 'Welcome to 'business name, the home of Yellow_L, a freelance designer' on the home page

Also sort of a suggestion to help with SEO if you go this way might be to use your future married name, assuming you're not superstitious, 100% sure on getting married, ok with future husband etc.