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a few things....

So lately i've been looking at how I'm organised with my business.

It's more like organised chaos but it kind of works. I've been looking into invoicing software and completely baffeld with it all at the moment, I Just print of the invoices when needed and send them etc. But i have no filing system / reference.

I've looked through all the post's and still unsure of what software to go with etc so any help would be appreciated?

Also i currently do my books by hand (well my mrs does them) is there some simple software that isn't going to cost a lot? that can do both?

Think thats it for now


Senior Member
I use Wave. It has a lot of very useful features. It is simple to use. It can create and send invoices and allow your clients to pay online. It will calculate your profit and loss etc. You can use the app to just take a picture of your receipts and it will (in theory) work out how much the receipt is for and what category it is in and it will automatically add them to your balance sheets. You can give your accountant read only access too so they can log in and file your return. And its FREE!


Tony Hardy

To be honest, I do my books on Excel. You still have to manually input data into things like SAP, Xero and Wave. So, why not just manually enter it in Excel then give it to the accountant?


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Excel here too... seeing as my accounts is literally my income minus whatever I purchase for work (+% of utilities etc) I don't really see the point in being much higher. I'm a sole trader and I'm not in retail so it makes life pretty easy in my opinion to do accounts.

I set up a simple excel file with multiple sheets for each 'area' of work (ie marketing, stationary, utilities and so on). At the 'end' there's a summary sheet which auto fills (got to love excel formulas lol) relevant info from the main sheets.


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I'm a sole trader and I just keep my own record. Don't see the point in paying for software when like Levi I only have income and some expenditure.
I use FreeAgent. It's really great. It can track payments incoming and out going automatically and mark invoices as paid. Also automatically add's charges for late payments. Sends me notifications when invoices are over due. Does my Tax and VAT automatically. Can print reports, can input expenses receipts via mobile directly into the system. It makes life so much easier. I then just hand it over to the accountants at the year end due to me being a Ltd company. One tip I would give anyone going out on their own...Get a good accountant, they'll save you a hell of a lot of time and money