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A few quickies

Ok so im starting my own little freelance design website and just have a few quick questions as a starter.

1. How do I know whats a good rate/price fr my work. Is there an average for a beginer to charge that doesnt have an extensive portfolio to display?
I know rates vary depending on what the client wants, but lets say a 4 page HTML/CSS website... what would the average rate be for someone like me?

2. Im currently doing a portfolio website for a photograpgher. Is there anyway of creating a beautiful/minimal gallery that the client can later on automatically upload his own photos without my help? (Im thinking this answer may be beyond my knowledge)

3. When I have designed a website for a client, how does the hosting work? Or can I just make the design and layout and send them the files?
Or is it my job to upload and host them etc?

See, I have so many questions beyond the deisgn that I need answering.


Staff member
Note not my field but from my experiences and its pretty much like this with all fields.
1) depends a lot on where you are (and skillset/experience), I'd take a look at local competitors and see what they're charging - out my way (middle of nowhere) web design is offered from the stupidly low price of £100 for 5 pages (you just know its going to be template or rubbish at that price although I'm sure people still 'hire' them) ranging up to the more (in my opinion) realistic £500 for 5 pages (html sites).
2) iirc some of the 'litebox' java script galleries can work from a (I think ajax) database or something - one of the pro's might know better on this
3) depends on the brief or the package you offer. If there is no agreement for you to deal with hosting then don't do it. Personally I'd just ask them if they want you to deal with hosting and for it to be uploaded, now I'd chuck this in for free its only a 2 minute job to change the ftp addresses as you would upload it somewhere for testing/preview I would expect. Just remember that if they do want hosting to add it on top of your web design work :)