A few logos


I'm in agreement with Berry. I like the concept of the first logo, I'd maybe remove the stems though, and just have the W filled with water. The others I like though. Especially rejectees.


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Thanks everyone

Sorry about not posting in the right place. I'll mess around with WYY and see if it makes much difference with the feedback.


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I like Coffeine. I also like Stackd. They both relate to their subject and are quite clever.
Water is.. meh. Rejectees makes me dizzy.


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Like Jimlad, the las two are cool, but the first one makes me think of wine... the shape of the cups... just not for water. The rejectees, it's a great logo, depending on what it represents...


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First one = Saggy tits and text is disproportionate to the graphic.
Second = Good concept but probably doesn't need the graphic as the text is unique enough.
Third = The Es and Fs are identical. Manually alter them to make them unique.
Fourth = I see what you did there. Colours need more contrast.


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Welcome kakushin. I'd like to know who the clients are and what the brief is. Or did you just design the logos from scratch for your own benefit?

Nick M

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1) Type too small
2) Like it but not sure of the relevance of the symbol with the type
3) Nice but maybe tighten it up a little
4) Need a better choice of colours - the foremost blue is lost against the dark grey

I am guessing there have been done for your own pleasure/portfolio - pretty good, with a few tweaks they should look sweet :)