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a fe more photos


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Went to RIAT (Royal International Air Tattoo) today, wish we had gone on Saturday as the weather today was pretty poo! however, managed to get some half decent photos.

will add descriptions and comments this week, but should you be interested here is the link Flickr: Sunburn1979's Photostream

Also added in to Sun Set photos i took a while back and totally for got to upload, quality could have been better as i was experimenting with ISO (sensitivity to light) settings. I'm sure we all love Sun Sets ?




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Hi guys,

@ ally yes, if you look *left* of the blue white circles you will see the exhaust from one of the engines, you can see the heat wash coming from it.

@ typo its the Airbus A440M, its the RAF's next generation transporter.

I got a load more to go up, just takes an age to edit, frame and upload.