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A dress of words


Senior Member

Here, a picture of a girl wearing a dress of words, maybe she could embody a kind of poetry. Some of these words and group of words come from a poem I have written lol. I'd like to know what you think about this creation. any suggestions : what I should erase, modify or add ? I don't know.
I wonder if it could be nice to add colors.
This is the first time that I do something like this, with typography.



Junior Member
I like it !
Line work is good,
like the effect of the letters at the bottom :D

Try it with one other color to see how it looks


Senior Member
I'd like to see the black toned down a little, maybe set the opacity a little lower or change the layer to overlay?

But that is only if its on the textured background. Other than that, strong lines, nice piece.


Senior Member
Thank you. =)
I tried to add colors, maybe I could add colors differently.

and with an effect on the layer as you suggest, mrp.