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a css question involving javascript iframe autoresizing


Senior Member
hi everyone

im trying out something i read here, about how to autoresize an iframe to fit content hosted on a different server: Cross Domain iframe Resizing | CSS-Tricks

here's my test page, it's a wp site: Test Iframe Autoresize - Winning Health Solutions

(I use css-tricks.com's example for the page inside the iframe - it's a bit jerky, what i actually want in there won't be constantly changing size all the time, it will only change size on new page load)

as you can see (im looking on ff) the containing box doesn't hold the iframe when it resizes. because this is a wp theme i sourced its a bit more difficult for me to figure what the solution could be (ive struggled with similar on static sites even)

can someone direct me to a resource or something to teach me/give me a clue how to make that content box hold the iframe properly?

Thanks v much :)