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50 things to ask yourself when designing a website


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I have to admit I agree with Harry, huh I'm doing that a lot recently.
1. Do you have an About page?
2.Can visitors tell what your site is about without visiting your About page?

Not necessary if you are not a business, or any site that does not make money from offering their services.

3.Do you have an RSS Feed?
If you are running a hotel website, or in fact most business websites, what on earth would you need an RSS feed for?

4.Did you decorate for the holidays?
Is that ment to be a good point or a bad point????
Even so....what??????
That depends on a thousand things, what religion is your main site visitors, Islamic, Christian, does it really matter?
If you don't know again does it matter?
No and err.... no. People wont stop coming to your website if you don't and they wont if you do don't get the point TBH?????

5.When is the last time you added new content?
6.Why has it been so long?
Again some sites don't need new content, and they will always have great results in the search engines. Think legal guideline websites, web coding websites that teach html, fair few of those around, old DHTML libraries again don't need updating because DHTML should be dead, again history websites.

7.How long does it take your site to load at your mother’s house?
I get the point but if your mom lives around the corner, err.... that is pointless, should be how does your site load 100 miles away, if not further FROM YOUR SERVERS LOCATION.

8.Do you link out to your other web presences (social network profiles, Twitter account, YouTube page, Flickr photostream)?
O yeah I can see how that would be of use to 2 business websites I have done recently, my own, and 3 of my friends websites TBH, :rolleyes:.
Again what????

9.How easy is it for a visitor to leave a comment or write a review?
Err...if possible, again not every site needs them.

10.Can your site run without you?
No, otherwise I would have no second income!!!!!

I could pick up on a few others but they got my attention the most TBH.
The thing is I can see the point and they are all valid for some websites, others they can be ignored. But how they are currently worded is just stupid because they are not 50 critical questions to ask about most websites. You need to pick and chose which are relevant to you, So I would say it should be ~
35 critical questions to ask about your website.

Still I suppose it is still good to dot the i's, but TBH pick up any usability book and you will cover most of them, pick up 5 and you will cover by far more points. :)

Jaz :)


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lol -agreed, but there's more than a few that are helpful :) ... hopefully!

i think the wording makes it sound inaccurate too... also sounds like he's trying to fill a list as well. :batman:


10.Can your site run without you?
No... no-one in the office can do anything without my help it seems so it would probably implode and end up being lost into the ether... :lol:


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@Jazajay: You picked up on most of if not all the exact same ones I did. It reads like a list written for one particular site/breed of site in mind.


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No I agree, and there where others but they stuck out the most TBH, and I agree it is written for 1 type of site.

That said if you are relatively new to web design, or even in some cases been doing it for a while, they will help if you don't take them all as gospel, and that all apply to your site IMO.

That said pick up any usability book and you will find out why it matters in more depth and a lot more than just 50 points at the same time. Most books I have actually cover 60+.


Yeah same here TBH, bet you have read too much as well, hay. :lol:

Isn't the problem of reading too much is that you actually 1 tend to bore friends and family, and 2 find out how quickly you can get bored in the process with the fact that you then learn that your friends and family are in fact dumbasses, lol, or is that just me?



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lol - okay, thought it would help someone ... obviously not. lol

a few of them i found useful, i agree it's just written for either the hell of it, or one type of site, but there' still some interested points...?!


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No don't get me wrong Tim, it has helped you and thus will help other people, on here, as well, so it is a good link, the thing that most people just need to understand while reading them is not every1 should be applied to every site, because then it becomes harmful knowledge to have, as it is used in the wrong context.

But if you read it on-line or from a book it is something you should still read IMO, just get the context in which you use it right though. :)