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5 New Website Designs

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by Razzstar, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Razzstar

    Razzstar New Member

  2. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    If you'd just like to take a moment to refresh your memory of your first post you will see that there is no mention of you wanting comments or critique of your work. It is just a post with a load of links going to deviant art showing your 5 LATEST designs, oh and a free psd file, ie not even willing to put the images on this site - not all of us want to have to click over to another site, then click on the tiny thumbnail just to view work which is still quite small.

    Now personally I'd see your first post as being pointless as it looks like nothing more than an attempt to blow your own trumpet and has no context or reason to be posted, if you'd have mentioned that you would like us to review your work and give feedback in the first post rather than coming back with the smartarse reply I might have been more willing to actually comment on your LATEST designs. Now I can't be bothered and I suspect you will get limited responses from other members too.

    If I take your smartarse comments about what else do I think this section for lets see.....
    polite requests with what the poster is looking for us to critique and the images to be in the thread. There's likely more I can give but that should get you going.
  3. Razzstar

    Razzstar New Member

    Hmm.. what's this forum section called,

    Ohh, i remember "Work/Project Feedback & Critique".

    It doesn't take much thinking to know what I want in terms of a reply.. And now if you really do need me to write "COMMENTS & CRITIQUE" I have - for your sake.

    I'm not the one being a jerk here, I'm simply posting my hard work for all of you to see/comment/critique and give inspiration.

    If you don't want to give a sensible reply, fine be like that... I'm sure others are more mature than your being right now.

    I hate joining new forums -.-
  4. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    now if your first post was like it is now none of this would have happened.

    Expecting people to assume that your post was for a critique is presumptuous and a bit of common sense and respect for the people who would be giving up their time to critique your work wouldn't go a miss.

    This might be the reason you hate joining new forums, you know first impressions count and all.

    edit: oh wait I can edit my post too but I'll actually mention what I edit :)
    My comments above were in relation to original post above mine, however it was edited during my post
  5. Calm down people.

    But i have to admit im with Levi on this one. Post images up here, OK it says feedback & critique but it looks like a link. Be polite and people will respect you back.

  6. Razzstar

    Razzstar New Member

    Image Thumb's are posted..

    - Now may I receive comments and critiques.

  7. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Hi Nath,

    Please refer to the guidelines for this section of the forum -

    & in particular;
    We get a lot of spammers on the forums, so simply posting images from Deviant Art without any explanation or even a short message to say what they are, can easily be confused for spam, along with 'FREEBIE' in the thread title.

  8. Razzstar

    Razzstar New Member

    Ohh okay, no worries.. I mean there was actually a freebie that you can download and use, but thanks for clearing everything up and editing the title to avoid miss-conduct.

  9. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    I think being a design forum, most designers would design their own "modern navigation", so probably wouldn't need the freebie, but thanks for the offer, and no problem.
  10. Razzstar

    Razzstar New Member

    I know what you mean (;

    It's just what I've done in the past few day's that all :D

    - Nath.
  11. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Fair enough :)
    So the other site designs, were they all for clients? did they give you much of a design brief for the work?

  12. Razzstar

    Razzstar New Member

    Photography portfolio is personal use and RAVIDred i created for fun (technique).

    XGN - It needed to be red, obvious gaming style and include all the necessary information that a tournament would need. (Sadly, the client cleared off after paying half of the price: ()

    DIVA - My local hair & beauty salon, they needed a dark (black/grey) to portray there image of there black shop front and interior and also for it too be modern and include featured hairstyles and space for news and should be inviting (Welcome sign).

    As for MyWellnessReminder it's for a contest at - BREIF:

    A colorful and professional website that uses the green in our logo. Some blues would be nice as well. Unique and eye catching, please! :)

    We would like to play up the fact that our service is a cloud based, so maybe something with a blue sky and some fluffy clouds?

    The main landing page will require all the standard web page stuff, a menu at the top along with a site map in the footer. A section to list site features and a way to easily contact us via email. We would also like to steer clients towards a product tour or screen cast.

    and it ends in 1:34 hours :D


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