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3D illustration of the German Pavillion


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Here's my latest personal project based on the German Pavillion / The Barcelona Pavillion. The material differs because I tried changing it up a little. I edited this to give it a vintage feeling overall. Everything is modeled, textured, rendered in 3dsmax using vray except for the sculptures and chair. I want to achieve the photo realistic look in general but with the vintage effect. Let me know what you think? :up:
this is absolutely incredible. I actually thought it was a photomanipulation, it looks so bloody realistic. and the lighting and shadows are genius... :clap:


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Honest opinion, it's ok but it could be improved. Note I've not been to the pavilion so working on what I see here and in photo's.

Texture on the stature with arms is out of scale with objects they're applied on, the texture should be finer (ie higher tile multiplier)

The wall tiles are too repetitive for your choice of material, you should have mixed up the materials more (in photoshop) or applied a second map over the top to add some variation. In the photo's I've seen the materials also look mirrored rather than tiled and are also much more subtle in their colour variation. Repetition is what gives away a render quicker than anything.

Same with the flooring and the bump map is too deep.

The water doesn't appear to be giving off any reflections on the wall, with the bright light being applied I would expect to see caustics.
Levi is ironing his socks today.

The socks are checked also the crease must conform. Angles are checked and measurements are noted in the 'sock book'.

He sharpens his pencils in a counter clockwise manner.
All shavings are studied throughly at a time between the hours of 10 and 4. These are then placed in 'the shavings file' under 'S'.

Get my drift Desxere.


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Typo, it was a week ago :p

Remember this is what I do for a living, what you lot may miss I spot a mile off, I do a lot of rendering so am obviously more aware of it. It's the same with your illustration, you'll spot stuff I wouldn't even see.

I gave ways to improve it and when the new render is done you'll be able to see a difference, if I was to just say it's ok then desxerre couldn't improve :)

oh and I use an automatic pencil :p