2D Animation - Visuals


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Hey everyone,

I'm making a visual video to go along with my music and had a specific visual style in mind. Basically it'll be brightly colored / satured and 2-D abstract animations.

I've been looking online for either Stock Footage in this style or tutorials on how to create this in After Effects / Photoshop, but haven't had any luck.

Here are a couple samples of the closest representation I could find.

Any suggestions for footage sites or tutorials would be great appreciated. Thanks!


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Hey Jona,

Those two examples are poles apart though.
The top, cigarette one 'could' be 3D isometric but could be made to look that way and then just animated in After Effects.
Kind of the reverse of this:

The one below with the coins is in 8-Bit, pixel style and the individual frames for the spinning coins would be made and animated in photoshop.