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25 Fantastic Typographic Animations


Senior Member
Just seen this post on cssglobe.com and i've watched them all, personally I love them, and want to attempt my own one as it would be an amazing portfolio piece to showcase.

25 fantastic Typographic Animations|Hein Maas - Freelance Graphic/Web Designer

What are people's favorites out of these? I personally like the Pulp Fiction, Nick the Greek, V for Vendetta and the David Bowie one, i've been trying to think what programs are best to use for this type of work, would it be something simple like Flash or something a little more complex like After Effects or something?
Check this one: Flickermood 2.0 on Vimeo very well animated.

I would suggest After Effects. Flash is great for creating vector based animation and thus keeping the file sizes right down, but AE is a much better animation tool. Although it's far more complex and comprehensive than Flash, the basics of animation is much the same; plot your keyframes and the software will do the rest. So if you're familiar with animating in Flash, you should pick up AE pretty quickly.