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2009 - Your Aims, Plans & Targets


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Hi everyone,

I know this may have already been touched on in the New Years' Resolutions thread in off-topic, but I thought it would be worth making a thread for your work related ambitions for the New Year.

So, what do you hope to achieve in 2009? Do you have set targets, or just something your aiming for?

I hope to attract new local clients and create a reputation locally for well designed and built websites and I hope to continue building on my small client list of regular print work clients. In addition to this I'm hoping to re-brand my own site and logo and get some new stationery in that I can be proud to send out! I'll also be getting an accountant to help me with advice on book-keeping through the year and assistance with my tax return next year.



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I would like in the current climate to increase annual turnover by 25%.

and also to understand what the damn Acountants say!


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I'm hoping to learn all of PHP and hopefully get into learning Drupal. Just because Drupal has an interesting name.

I'm also aiming to put 5% and more aside of my earnings to a Oxfam, as well as saving up for a mini (when I learn to drive)

I hope to attract big clients really. That's it. Something that'll get me a lot of notice and a lot of praise (if I manage to meet their needs exactly).


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I"m working full time, but really want to make the leap to freelance. I'm keeping a watchful eye on the industry in 2009 to see what happens....it seems a little unpredictable right now.
Also I'm learning Cinema 4D, and want to complete more personal projects this year. It's too easy to let them go by the wayside....
Short-term (next 2 months): Relocate to the UK and get settled and hopefully find a job!

Medium term (next 6 months): Get a proper website and attract UK clients to my freelancing business

Long term (whole year): continue freelancing while working.