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2009 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA 09)

Wow, great design!I was well impressed with my new iphone power cable...basically a usb to iphone cable and an extender were I plug my usb end into a plug. Its cool! great idea


Staff member
It's a nice idea but it will never be produced, there have been plenty of compact plugs over the years but none have taken off.

That design is pretty flawed, it's got issues if you ever want to change the plug or cable, cost to manufacture compared with a simple moulded shape we have now, incompatible with the euro style plugs + adapter we seem to be getting more often are just a few of them.

I don't actually rate IDEA too highly because often as not they focus on 'image' over practicality and construction.

Take the energy seed battery recyle thing, it got a gold award, last time I checked the power left over in a battery when people throw them out is pretty much zero (thats why we throw them out) so the lights are going to need a lot of batteries to be of any use for the lighting, even if using led's. Batteries also need two points of contact and all in the same direction, so how's it designed, with it being like a tube so it's pretty easy to put the battery in backwards and then there's the small issue of the second point of contact. Like usual it's got a gold as it looks pretty but it's never going to work in it's current iteration.

A design that is actually viable with very little work needed such as the bell mug only gets a bronze. It doesn't look much but the concept is very much viable and also has the benefit of actually helping the user. The marking just doesn't make any sense.

The ipods get a silver for whatever reason, the ipod touch is pretty much identical to the year before and the ipod nano was basically a remake of a design from 2007 but with more colours and a widescreen display.