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2 Personal Identities, which is better?


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So Ive come up with 2 personal identitys and wanted to get peoples opinions on which one they prefer and why. Please note, the colours will be changed at a later date.


Hi iSimon

Can you post up your own brief for this monogram? 'Better' is quite subjective, and without knowing what it's standing for makes any feedback virtually useless.

On the face of it I like 1's 'K' but not the crashing of the 'S'. 2's 'S' looks all wonky and a bit awkward compared with the diagonal stroke of the 'K'.
Personally neither are great in my opinion. In the first the two letters overlap too much resulting in an unclear use of the letters, think of the logo at 1/4 the size, would it be recognisable? With the second logo it looks like you're trying to convey a meaning to it but for me I cant see what the logo is supposed to represent. Lastly the grey is well grey, its very dull and will never grab anyone's attention, use a vibrant colour. Go back to the drawing board, research logos in the design industry and use those to influence your own.
As above, which is better completely depends on the brief and what you're aiming to portray. Just on the type alone the first one would have a more stylish feel whereas the second one is clearly a bit more modern, but whether or not this is better depends on what the goal is.


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What is the idea behind the logos Simon? At the minuet I feel that the type looks awkward, the top variation would look better if the type was seamless and the S was more viable.

The S on the bottom image again looks awkward and the spine of the letter looks distorted? is there some sort of cryptic message with the stroke on the K?

As to which I prefer the bottom image looks more modern and probably will work better as a young designer, just needs a bit more of a tweak to get the letters looking good.


This post was made 4 months ago, furthermore, the same poster has created a new thread on the same topic with a new design, I doubt he's looking for feedback on these designs any more.