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2 new designs


Staff member
Design 1 -
Layering is screwed up in places, you 'brand' is below the gradient on the header!
alignment of three columns at bottom is off
can't make out 'pressed' images very well
your fade on the sample image would go to black/dark purple not the current shade
the branding doesn't really go with the site
is there a reason you have your brand 3 times on the page?

Design 2 -
Decide if the design is above or below the 'wood'
Not overly keen on it as a whole as it just looks disjointed to me


Senior Member
I think on the first one the general idea is there but it's very roughly executed.
  • The fact that you're logo doesn't fit inside the header should have been a clear indication that you need to revise that.
  • Nothing is actually in proportion; the subcontent/footer/services section seems overly large compared to your content section.
  • Everything is clearly just stacked on top of each other; none of the elements flow together.
  • There's no breathing room for your work preview while other elements such as your navigation have a ton of it.
  • Nothing is aligned. Alignment is crucial to your design.
  • All of it is the same shade of purple. It's very monotone and bland.

For the second design, I think you should just lose the business card and move all the rest up. The design looks interesting but I'm not gonna comment on it any further until I know what your plan is for those huge arrows.
hi stevey,

like onartis said, i think the first one has the general idea.. seems like with a bit of reconfiguration it could start to work, like its straight forward enough so it is more getting it balanced out.

i too though dont like the purple, id try out some other colors,