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2 new album covers by me...


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i like the first one, but for some reason i don't like the second - the women-lady-girl just seems to be posing, whereas numero uno is looking away from the camera acting "casual-normal-cool".


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I like them both, although I think there are better script fonts out there other than Scriptina, it dones't seem to go well with such a heavy gothic-esque black font.


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Really like the styling you've done on these Nik, would you mind telling us what genre of music each is in, I have an idea but would be interested to know for sure :)


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Are they for the same project or same person/group? Just wondering why the same font has been used for both on each cover. I like them both but think there could be a much better choice of font for Heather Lang instead of the same one used in the first one? Unless they're part of a series then I can understand why :)
cheers for the feedback guys :)

not sure about genres, but i'm guessing they're urban/rap/r&b or something, which is what most of the album covers I do are for. I know what you're saying about the fonts, they're for different clients, both of whome supplied their own pics to use of the artists, and i seemed to be having a 'Crown Title' font moment, and I agree with the scriptina thing too... there are better scripty fonts, but Heather's agent who contacted me wanted a cripty font and that was the first one that kinda came to mind that I also had on my system, these are both first proofs, so I'm waiting to hear back from both of them, they may change a few things still.

for the first I had this brief:
I want it to kind of follow the theme of the Scarface movie cover but not black and white, all in color!

Other than that, go to town on it and on the background, something flashy.

so I took the idea of a 2 sided cover, poor and rich as the black and white of the scarface poster and having 'God Deini' going from one side to t'other but looking back to the 'poor side' as if he isn't forgetting where he came from... or at least that was my thinking re: the title of the album.

the second:
My artist name is Heather Lang, and this is one in a series of mixtapes compiling some of the features she has been involved in. The title is "Introducing Ms. Lang". The text she would like ALL in a script type font. She wants the cover to be light, ethereal in a way, everything else you can have a free reign on.

and althought they wanted all the text to be in script, i felt it didn't work so made the artist's name bolder in what i would deem to be a kinda gothic more rocky font as that's the impression i got from how she is dressed... but i've not heard either artists music :p

so yea :)