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1st draft


Junior Member
Hey all,

here are some logo ideas for a rebrand of a new area at a London University. The logos will manly be used as large window graphics and decals on walls.

Heading in the right direction or not?




Junior Member
the problem with the p was that the lower part of it finished outside the shape which i didnt want. Your right it doesnt sit properly though. Will need to rethink this.


Senior Member
I love those.

Maybe try some versions with capital initials to remove the problem with your "p" positioning? Could work...could not


Senior Member
Hmmm just looking at this...does there actually need to be lettering inside? i mean unless people read the below text it has no relevance?

So either way, with or without the lettering people need to the read the longer text below to get the meaning, so perhaps try without it, you may need to resize the other elements to compensate but have a go...

Thats epic dude, I wish my university had design like that.

i do agree about the lettering for TP although I do think it needs the text in the shape, looks cooler. Or yo ucould just go with the other logo that has the three shapes and the text...then your problem would be solved. But I like it the way the others are...what about making the TP all caps instead of lowercase?