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1960's influence on contemporary design work

Im doing reseach for my dissertation, and i am currently trying to find examples of the 1960's design styles (psychedelia, hippies, political protest and so on) in contemporary pieces.
Was just wondering if anyone knew of anything?
Thanks for you help


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rachaelbethany said:
Hi there,

I am in my second year of a BA Graphic Design course, and i am currently preparing a presentation on my dissertation for next year.

I have been asked to include a comprehsive list of all intended primary research material to be analysed and discussed in my dissertation.
However i am unsure as to how i would go about this, my dissertation title is:

What contribution to graphic design and popular culture has the hippy subculture had, since the 1960's?

I think i know what primary research is, but i dont know what kind of research i could be doing.Thank you for your time,

im so sorry, i have only just worked out that they mean the same thing, when i wrote the first post, i wasnt really sure if i knew what primary research was....looks like didnt! lol
Sorry! :eek:(