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16 Ads From the Past


Sean Lee-Amies

Makes you think really.. I mean we don't have advertising that bad any more, but still it goes to show that companies will literally do or say anything to promote their product and get people to buy it. Coca Cola for babies.... I wouldn't even encourage it for adults, let alone children..!
Oh and the "Because innocence is sexier than you think" advertising campaign is gross, and clearly received a lot of funding from people like Jimmy Savile...
Ha ha, this is crazy!
"would probably be far more effective today just for the shock value"
Effective at getting bad press, while the stocks plummet? :)
Shocked...many of the advertisements were extremely sexist, racist...and just plain weird! Even more surprising is that most of these companies are the large corporations we know of today...wait to be honest it is not very surprising! Many companies will do whatever it takes to sell to the masses...I don't like to think of what the masses were like if they openly accepted such advertisements.