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100 x A6 letterpress


Senior Member
I don't need to place an order yet, I'm just looking for some rough prices.

I need a letterpressed wedding invitation and 100 copies of it. Prices for one colour and two colour would be great. I don't really know if it's feasible with only 100 prints but let me know.



Senior Member
Thanks for the link, Michael. Looks like it's most definitely out of the client's budget. £200 for 100 of them, roughly with a budget of £75. No chance of that happening it seems!


i dont think that they will get a letterpress job for that cheap unfortunatley :(


Senior Member
I think a short run on letterpress is going to be that cheap, but good luck.

If you find anything around that price, please share the love.
If you can supply print ready artwork (PDF, fonts outlined etc) the best price we can do for you would be:
100 x A6 1 Colour £82.00
100 x A6 2 Colour £116.00
+ Envelopes (if required)
Letterpress printed onto 300gsm, 100% cotton paper.
Let us know if this is of interest.