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100% Flash Scaling??


Senior Member
Hi Guys,

Just wanted to get some advice, im wanting to replicate the how the background to this website is working, 100% flash video just scaled I assume?

Gudrun og Gudrun

I think its simple but any advice would be great!

And if i want to put html on top just use the good old z-index!



Hi Brett... I'm sure its possible :) 100% background of the flash image with 0 padding and margins. then z-index the html content :)

i'm trying to double check that for you on a tutorial :)


Active Member
Hey guys this is a proof of concept i knocked together to.....


Obviously you would need to really look at the css and what nots, but this shows that you can overlay html content on top of flash :)


Senior Member
This is quite cool, if you overlaid that ontop of a colour, and then had the flash, then the html, it wouldnt be a problem if flash was disabled.

Quite nice that little example!


Senior Member
Hi Guys,

I know how to the do the html overlay with no problems, z-index etc, just getting the flash to act as the website, but I think I have sorted it now, cheers guys.