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10 Most Sort After Skills In Web Development

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by mrleesimpson, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. mrleesimpson

    mrleesimpson Guest

    Not sure if anyone has seen this already but NetTuts has just posted an article outlining the 10 most Sort After Skills In Web Development and to be honest I'm quite surprise at a few.

    This is the list:

    1. Framework knowledge
    2. Widget development
    3. Custom CMS themes
    4. CMS Customizations and plugin development
    5. PSD to XHTML services
    6. Javascript Plugin creation
    7. Facebook/MySpace applications
    8. iPhone applications
    9. Ecommerce integration
    10. Flash and Actionscript Knowledge

    The ones that surprise me most are Facebook/MySpace Applications and PSD to XHTML services.

    Facebook/MySpace Applications - I honest can't believe that there is still a market for this given the huge huge amount of apps, for Facebook in particular, that are already floating about, most of which are pretty crap. I would think peoples time was better placed developing iPhone apps.

    PSD to XHTML services - I didn't really think the market for this was big enough. Fair enough there are a fair few sites/companies out there that specialise in this but I didn't think their was enough call for it to put it up there in the 10 most desired skills.

    Lastly one I'm quite shocked not to see is development of Google Android Applications. Given that the phone is weeks away from release, I expected that developers would jump right on that band waggon in the same way that iPhone developers have done.

    Anyone got any thoughts on this?
  2. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Hi Lee,

    I agree with what your saying about the Facebook/MySpace Apps, but given the sheer amounts of traffic and potential viewers both these sites have I'm not surprised to see a need for app developers. The fact that the majority of Facebook apps are pretty poor surely means the demand for a decent app developer is even greater?! Personally I would see these skills as more of a specialist field than in the top 10 of all skills for web dev though.

    I'm guessing the title for the PSD to XHTML is perhaps a tad too specific, as you mention there are plenty of services out there marketed as PSD to HTML/CSS, I would have had this in the list but under a more generic title, such as W3C compliant HTML/CSS (including image to web slice and code services).

    I'm personally surprised to see e-commerce integration that far down on the list, I would have thought with all the sites running various leading e-commerce products this would have been a bit higher?

    Just my thoughts :)

    EDIT: Lee hope you don't mind me moving this thread to the Web Dev section, I know it falls under the running a design business in terms of which skills are most beneficial, but felt it was perhaps more suited in the Web Dev area.. hope that's ok!
  3. Wolf

    Wolf Junior Member

    The reason why Android development is not on the list is not surprising, because it's not a Web Dev skill. It would show up in a mobile applications development category, like JavaME, Symbian, FlashLite, Objective C (iPhone) etc.

    The reason why the iPhone applications skill is on this list is that there is a distinction/confusion between native iPhone applications (Obj C/Cocoa) and iPhone web applications (XHMTL/AJAX or whatever).

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