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    Web developer vacancy - Cambridge area

    NO AGENCIES & WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR FREELANCERS, REMOTE SERVICES OR AGENCIES We are looking for a motivated web developer to join our in-house team on a full-time permanent employment within a very relaxed but challenging work environment with plenty of opportunities for creativity and...
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    I will be more than happy to assist you with this but unfortunately I cannot debug your issue based on the screenshots... can you by any chance provide a link to the actual site? ~Peace~
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    Help: Comprehensive SEO Guide

    Google - Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide
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    Natural Media

    Just come across this site and thought I'd share it with you guys! Pretty interesting: Curb™ The natural media company ~Peace~
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    Feedback needed!!

    Hi Pete, The interface is a bit all over the place which makes it hard on the eye to follow from a section to another. Check this out it might help: 960 Grid System ~Peace~
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    Updated website with navigation!

    Hi Greg Any specific reason as to why it is 600px wide only? ~Peace~
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    New here - Website crit

    Hey George It doesn't look professional maybe because you made it and you did not desgn it? I do not see any design elements/structure/CSS/etc.. ~Peace~
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    SEO Advice

    Pete, did you mean that they are doing what I suggested for £500 as a seperate cost from the site + £100/month? That would be mega expensive matey! What do other people on the forum think?
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    SEO Advice

    Hi Pete Taking into consideration the reasonably low cost of the website you are paying, I cannot tell how much of the above they will offer you... it is worth checking with them. Will the above get you on page 1 of the search results? It is hard to tell depending on your...
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    SEO Advice

    It sounds quite a lot Hi Pete What are you being offered for £100/month? Did they provide you with any action plan that they will follow so you are clear on what you are paying for? With ALL MY RESPECT to your provider, if I were you I would do the following once the site is produced...
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    Help: Comprehensive SEO Guide

    I wish I could find one :) You made me search all over the place with no joy hahahahaha! ~Peace~
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    SEO Advice

    Hi Pete Unless you are aiming at running a marketing campaign or spending big PPC cash... you can actually do a fair amount of SEO yourself. How much would you pay someone to do it for you? This depends on how much needs doing really.... you can PM the site over and I will be happy to give it...
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    Cube-shaped print product

    Hi all I need to produce a print product similar to the one displayed in the image below. If anybody can handle this job, please do get in touch to discuss specs and cost. ~Peace ~
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    What should I charge?

    To get you started: think how much you need/would like to earn a week - for instance - and then estimate the time it will take you to produce the work required... This should give you a very rough indication of the cost. However, you need to DOUBLE the estimate you get from the calculation...
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    A sneaky preview for feedback

    A quick update on the progress: PREVIEW Keep your constructive feedback flowing ;) ~Peace~