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  • Hi!

    Hoping someone can help (I'm an illustrator starting to work on book cover design)

    I'm trying to supply artwork to a printer for a picture book, for which all images etc. need to be at 1200dpi. I've imported images into the Indesign document, and added text in Indesign, but for the spine, I've imported psd files for a series font (image) and the publisher logo (image), which I had sized to 1200dpi in photoshop, when I export the Indesign file to PDF (High Quality Print) the printer says the images are 300dpi. The printer suggested the following:

    'the series logo and your logo are in 300dpi, you have to put these two items in bitmap before generating the PDF, it will probably solve the problem'

    I don't know what this means - to change the mode to bitmap in Photoshop before importing them to Indesign, and if so, what settings should I give in the Bitmap dialogue box?

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