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    What do you think of this logo for new clothing brand

    The logo needs to deliver the company culture and promise. What is your company about? What does it promise its customers? Without knowing your company details, it is difficult to say whether a logo is good or not. A visually appealing logo isn't necessarily a suitable one.
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    Where to find royalty free photos?

    You can visit Pixabay. It is so simple, easy to use site with nearly 65,000 photos and illustrations. All of the pictures may be used freely for any purpose, without attribution.
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    Designer for Video Game

    Pretty good game, not perfect because: kiddie story, kiddie characters, mind-blowing repetitive and long boring battles. However, the class system, missions, secret characters and other qualities made me finish the game 100% with the 2nd ending. It got quite hard at the end, requiring high level...
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    Where to find FREE fonts?

    I think FontSpace is quite great. FontSpace is a popular website for finding free fonts. They currently have hundreds of thousands of users, over 29,000 free fonts, and over 2,000 designers that share their fonts on the website. The website makes it easy to find popular, new, and random fonts...
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    Large format Print quality software?

    i think you can buy RIP to use, read here for more information:
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    "oldtimers" A couple in their nineties are both having problems remembering things. They decide to go to the doctor for a checkup. The doctor tells them that they're physically okay, but they might want to start writing things down to help them remember. Later that night while watching TV, the...
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    What you listening to at the moment?

    Cellophane - So Cruel by Miami Horror Lovely indietronica song. Current Favorite song: Welcome To My Life - Empire Of The Sun ☀️
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    For creativity lovers!

    I like your drawings, they are unique and lively.
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    my website?

    you can get free traffic from social network as Facebook. Twitter, Instagram,... And creat more backlink from web 2.0 + blog.
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    Your favourite design blogs?
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    Anti virus for Macs?

    I have used Mackeeper for several yeras now and when ever I have a problem with my mac their "online live person" has been great with their assistance. I feel safe with Mackeeper protecting my Apple products.
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    Cool Photography

    I think you should try to take 1 photo real fireworks. Here are the steps you’ll need to work through to photograph fireworks: Start by using a Tripod Use a Remote Release Frame Your Shot Choose the best Focal Length Select the right Aperture Get your Shutter Speed Right Set your ISO Switch off...
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    What is the best learning site for web program?

    Treehouse: The program comes at a monthly cost with two pricing tiers. It works by guiding you along various “tracks” which are meant to teach you a specific skill or programming language from beginner to advanced. In each track, you will take several courses with videos from an instructor...