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    Well I already posted the design that I'm using on the front cover on my portfolio, but no one has responded :( But thanks for saying hi :D I am really pushing the education side at the moment, cramming as much knowledge as I can so I can be more useful if I get an internship *fingers crossed*
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    Howdy !

    Welcome Jason! :)
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    Thank you :)
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    How did you find Design Forums?

    I literally googled 'design forum' :D didn't know that you existed til then!
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    Hi! After doing a rather vague degree, Graphic design has caught my eye and I'm venturing into the internship world, looking to build a portfolio (I have put a design that I'm hoping for feedback on here) SO glad I found this place, I don't pretend to be a professional so I am just immersing...
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    Portfolio I threw together offer fantastic tutorials on Illustrator, with Essentials, Beginner, Advanced and Master, I myself am self-taught with these tutorials and good ole Google and feel very very comfortable in it, In fact I really prefer it over PS for a majority of my design needs. (inb4h8 both programs...
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    Personal Identity

    The colours are refreshing and the font is clean, but it's important not to take it out of context, What kind of Freelancer service do you offer? Logos? Websites? Photography? - These can affect what direction your logo/identity can take.
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    My Website Design Critique

    You are gonna hate my finickiness but in your 'Location' Description: You have spelt villages wrongly ;o Other than that it looks pretty good, I am wondering why you need two lots of reasoning with many paragraphs of why you should be 'the one to design my site' (meaning on the home page, the...
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    Please critique my Portfolio Front Cover

    Hey peeps, I am building a portfolio in view of an interview in 2 weeks (for graphic design) after quite a long time (3 years) after my degree (digital animation with creative advertising), I am putting in a mixture of print and digital material, with each design complimented by a page of the...