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    Client has ran with my artwork

    Sadly not all clients are good ones and it's really not easy to tell them apart. Try to forget about it and channel your energy into the next project as you'll waste time beating yourself up about the details otherwise. Karma will get them in the end.
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    What is the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite?

    Adobe products are great but expensive. There's nothing quite as good as them except for Affinity products which are quite impressive and not subscription based. We've tried Quark (which we had abandoned for InDesign years ago) to give it a second try but found it restrictive in comparison to...
  3. Labanbrown

    Junior Graphic Designer Job - Graphic Design Agency in Essex

    Hi DarkCore - it's a studio based position I'm afraid. Thanks
  4. Labanbrown

    Junior Graphic Designer Job - Graphic Design Agency in Essex

    Hi fellow creatives - We're looking for a junior graphic designer to join our small studio in Essex (near Colchester). The usual requirements - smart, great designer, friendly etc. We have a great mix of work for both print and digital briefs for clients large and small. Learn more on the...
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    The average cost of design per hour....

    Our charges are based on overhead. Once you've established a cost per hour just to have the studio sitting there then it's easy to estimate what a project would cost to create. If your overhead is low (maybe working from home rather than renting office space etc) then you can afford to have a...
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    Freelance WordPress web development requirement

    I'm looking for a freelance developer who can take our designs and implement them in WordPress. We have regular web projects that generally comprise of small sites (around 10 pages) that would need to be built from fully designed page visuals, with us providing all graphical elements. The usual...
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    Terms and conditions and/or contract

    I'd recommend you have some method of proving that your client has seen your T&Cs. If ever you need to take action against them (payment, ownership etc) then you can then rely on them. A client can simply say they have never read them and you'll lose the protection you thought they offered you...
  8. Labanbrown

    New Site?

    You could try Freeway Pro7. It's pretty easy to create responsive designs with the most recent version and works much like InDesign except you can add coding and scripts too. Because it's 'like' design software such as Quark or InDesign it's good for Graphic Designers making the transition or...
  9. Labanbrown

    Who Should Create Brand Guidelines - Marketing or Graphic Designer?

    Interesting question. We usually create the guidelines if we've designed an identity or brand. It helps build a simple set of rules to avoid breaks in the design language etc. A member of the client marketing team would be part of the creation process so they feel comfortable in what we've...
  10. Labanbrown

    Junior Graphic Designer Vacancy, Essex

    Hello fellow creatives! Laban Brown are looking for a Junior Graphic designer. The perfect position for a graduate. Our new recuit will learn by working 'hands on' from the start. There's a lot to learn although you may not know that just yet. We've recruited and trained five college...
  11. Labanbrown

    How Much Does Design Cost?

    Most clients understand that good design is an investment for their business. Most are realistic about budgeting but are right to believe that as professionals they should expect a strong return on their investment. If we can't make them money then we've failed however brilliant the design...
  12. Labanbrown

    Logo concepts for free?

    Steer clear of free stuff. There will always be someone who'll do it for nothing of course but that does the industry no good. If you're good then your work will help generate a good return on their investment so there shouldn't be any question. Cheers
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    Good Day! :)

    Hello. We're new here to. Based in Essex though - a long way from you guys! Small world though which is nice.
  14. Labanbrown

    Business Cards.

    Question is which one works hardest? That's the main objective. Business cards are powerful little things and done right can work wonder for your business..