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    CD cover design

    I love the back cover design you posted on the last page, For me though the latest cover photo you are using here just doesn't grab me, I liked the larger postcard version you posted, though it wasn't quite there...
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    Looking for ideas with our company logo

    Easy to google the current logo. It takes me back to the first time everyone discovered bevelled edges on the web about fifteen years ago :)
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    Plagiarism help

    Along similar lines in so far as taking liberties with 'inspiration' With a lot more money involved it will be interesting to see what action is taken...
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    Do you use Flash anymore?

    My work is more focused on illustration and web design but I haven't used flash in any web project for about four or five years. The limited mobile compatibility and Apple pretty much killed it off.
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    Plagiarism help

    I don't think you're being silly and think you did the right thing and went about it in the right way contacting them directly, if anything asking for less compensation than I would have. Taking it further would mean trying to go a legal route which you've said you don't want to do, and whilst...
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    Create this wave effect in illustrator

    A quick Google brings up a lot of tutorials, this one looks quite similar...
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    Is my logo the best quality?

    'The best it can be' is not something easy to quantify. Is it good enough to print? - it doesn't look great to be honest. I don't really understand why the jpg is the 'original' file. Nobody would create this as a jpg file - Is this something you've been given to fix/recreate for print? As...
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    How to make this texture in vector?

    While you could certainly do something approximating what they want as said its going to be time consuming to do. Also when reduced any smaller than this its going to look kind of messy. Sounds like they possibly don't understand the work involved. Agree with all the above. Hope it works out...
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    Looking for design feedback on electronics website

    Edit, I just noticed the first post is from last year. Anyway. I wrote It looks fine to me, only the photos used look a little low res and pixelated, those bring the rest of the site down to me as apart from those it all looks very professional.
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    Freelancer without a website

    If you are new to the industry then yes, pretty much essential. I was working freelance full time for three years before I had chance to put something together I was happy with, but I was lucky that I had clients who knew what I could do and some contacts made over the years. It wasn't ideal...
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    Critique of

    Had a very quick look and the theme looks fine to me. Yes the Helping Hands theme used is responsive however the 'Erasmus+' image in the footer(at the bottom of the page) doesn't scale smaller and so looks a bit odd/too large on a mobile device. Also using big images with text in them, like...
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    your judgement on this picture please....

    Very nice. Its amazing how far phones cameras have come in the past few years.
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    Problem with my URL link ?

    I can't see a quote link but the post above has a link which lists all the code you need is in the Markup Example box...
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    Designing for a company van?

    I did this a couple of years ago but it was through an agency and they provided full file specs and layout templates for the specific vehicle from the wrap printer/installer. I guess it also depends if this is just logos or banners for the side or complete coverage, sounds like quite early days...
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    Problem with my URL link ?

    Seems to be two issues being discussed here, but the contact form aside, as the previous poster above sugessted you need to look at your sites Open Graph META Tags to solve your website image problem on facebook.