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    We have a ICUK hosting reseller account - we can do you hosting starting at £30/year. Reseller Web Hosting and Reliable Broadband and Telecom Solutions - ICUK
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    foil blocking job

    We have used both these companies in the past A14 - Welcome to A14 Printfinishing Nottingham Ltd We currently have a foil job going through with these guys - Downey & Co. - Home Page From experience foiling onto a thin stock like 90gsm may not be possible due to the heat involved.
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    Paypal - Payments Pro

    Hi People, Just wondered if anyone on here has experience of building in the Website Payments Pro facility from Paypal into a website. I ask as we maybe taking on a client, those site will need to involve taking online payments for membership. They currently have an online payment...
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    Hi Simon, We would be happy working to your budget for a logo - Our Blog and Website features...

    Hi Simon, We would be happy working to your budget for a logo - Our Blog and Website features examples of our work, if you require more samples then please don't hesitate to contact us. Fuse Print & New Media Ltd - Nottingham Design Agency fuse blog | fuse print & new media ltd...
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    Looking For T-Shirt Printers

    We have used October in the past October UK - T shirt printing, embroidery and screen printing suppliers, October UK.
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    HTML emails

    Hi Guys, Just had the request from a client requesting a HTML email. I believe that they do not want to use a third party software or application. They would just like me to create it and send them the link to the files on our reseller server space for them to manually put into an email and...
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    Hi from fuse

    Hi everyone, We are fuse, a design company based in the heart of Nottingham, we work for a host of clients, both large blue chips to small business start up's, for us there is no client too small, if the brief is of interest to us and the opportunity is there to be creative then we are...