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    The Littlest Vegetarian

    Hi, Scott, this was great, loved the animation design, it's great to be a veggie too, the emotions really came through in the story, very colourful :)
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    Personal Project - Open to Feedback

    Hi, great animation, and was funny, commical :)
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    Hand illustrated, Skateboarding, Graffiti, 'Zey The Mouse' Episode 6 'The New Friend'.

    Hi, all This is my new work a 5 minute video, on Zey The Mouse's new episode, lots of hand drawn illustrations, and hand built film set. Zey Mouse and Peter Parrot, buy some new skateboards with their pocket money, and make friends with Malek Mouse, down at the skateboarding park, Malek...
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    Sci-Fi, Fantasy Computer Game, Animation, 'Zey The Mouse' Ep 5 'Who's Playing The Game'.

    Hi, all I would like to share my new Zey episode, a Sc-fi based theme, with spaceship, robot, alien, and time portals and computer game levels! Zey and Dylan decide to go to 'The Gamez Shop', looking for a new game, and get a big surprise an alien wants them to save his world, and they both...
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    Motivational animation

    thanks for sharing, inspirational, scars make us stronger thing's are sent to us to learn and become better in ourselves :)
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    London Westminster Animation, 'Zey The Mouse' Episode 4 Clara's Birthday'.

    Hi, all This is my new fimo stop motion animation in the series. Zey and friends go to London for clara's birthday, set in London Hand made crafted sets include: London Tube Train, Westminster Platform, a (working set of Escalator's) Big Ben, House's of Parliament. Hope you enjoy the film?
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    Zey The Mouse Episode 3 'A Trip To The Seaside' Stop Motion animation, Funhouse Fun!

    Hi, all i would like to share my Zey's latest adventure, nice storyline as a summer theme, great sets made. Realistic waves at the beach to sand castles and ice-creams! Also a mystery and trouble between frineds, . With a funhouse that has surreal obsticles, new characters include Naughty...
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    My animation work in the newspapers and exhibitions from last year. :)

    Hi, all, i would like to share my small video i made, about animations, for those of you who may enjoy stop motion, i have been making zey the mouse now for 4 yrs, there are some nice articles here, also appearing on TV. I hope you enjoy? :) :)
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    Zey The Mouse Episode 2 'The Prize Hat' Animation Video.

    Hi, all I would like to share Zey's latest episode, called 'The Prize Hat'! Zey and the gang go to school, and Mrs Frog (the art teacher) announces that there will be a Fashion Show at Chestnut Hall. They will be making a hat, but mishaps and thing's happen, Zey gets a bump on the head...
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    Zey The Mouse 'Flying a Kite' Episode #1 Stop-Motion Animated Video here!! :)

    Hi, all Those of you that may have seen Zey and friends before, may like to know, ive achieved my dream of making a proper animated 1st episode!!! 'Flying a Kite' story is based around Zey flying his new kite and gets into trouble, but what will happen next?? 10 months (3 of which...
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    Zey The Mouse Stop Motion Animation Ep#1 'Flying a Kite' Video

    Hi, all This is the very first episode of zey, using (Stop Motion Pro 7) i was able to create the film!! I hope you will enjoy it, as much i have making it, 10 months of hard work (3 which of just filming!) It has nice music and sound effects! Synopsis: Zey goes over to Dylan Dog's to try...
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    Name of font

    That's a nice typface!!, and banner!! :)
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    Video, NEW 2014 Intro for 'Zey The Mouse' and Friends!!

    Thanks, ive not heard of the 70s 'Oliver Postgate-esque', i will have a look on the net for this!! :)
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    Video, NEW 2014 Intro for 'Zey The Mouse' and Friends!!

    Hi, all. I have re-edited the video, as i have fixed several errors!, the clip is now at it's best! :) The characters now have colour backgrounds, the grid's squares move faster and the red logo no longer flickers etc!!
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    Video, NEW 2014 Intro for 'Zey The Mouse' and Friends!!

    Hi, all I would like to share the new 2014 intro of zey!!, it has a 70's/80's feel to it!! I'm using stop-motion pro 7 and currently filming the 1st episode and am so excited about carrying it through!! Target audience 3 to 5 yrs, i hope you enjoy? :)...