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    UV Coating Business Cards?

    Overnight prints, uk version does uv partial coating and full coating.
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    Print Quote, Presentation Folders

    Cool, well looking for a quote on 50 100 250 2 colour to 1 side uncoated stock 3 or 5mm spine. Business card slot (if incorporated in total price, if not don't worry) 250/300g stock whichever is standard for particular print shop Also price for matt lamination with and without to one side plz
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    Print Quote, Presentation Folders

    right so where do you think i got that image from, you think i'd spend my time piecing together a nice little graphic, with the pretty little drop shadows and the layout to show what i'm after? Or do you think i spent a couple of hours trekking through multiple printers online to eventually...
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    Print Quote, Presentation Folders

    Morning people. Wondering if anyone knows of a uk print supplier the can produce presentation folders at jaw dropping rates. Below is and example of what i am after with the 3mm spine. Not too fussed about the pocket type, i just want some form of pocket incorporated. Let me know if anyone...
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    HTC Desire

    Yea I'm counting down the days to my upgrade. Kinda peeved that i cant grab a nexus one on any decent uk network providers. So Desire it is. END OF NEXT WEEK!
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    first real piece of illustration work...

    Yea sure. I'm trying to encourage everyone to pull out their creative finger. I'm not showcasing the best artists, i'm just giving creatives of all levels a platform. Drop me a line at info (@)
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    What kind of music do you design/develop too

    The Nothing Collective We list our tunes here each week
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    first real piece of illustration work...

    Hey Phil fancy submitting some more illustrations to our blog on mondays? The Nothing Collective If so gimme a shout and we'll link to your portfolio.
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    Signing off a design

    Usually and email of approval of the last attachment i sent them is all i need. As long as i have documented proof of them agreeing to moving forwards.
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    well done Tom

    Tom Stutt Card | Business Cards Observer Clean and simple business card that gets straight to the point and does what it needs to do. Thumbs up bitches! :up:
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    1000 Plastic Credit/Business cards

    LOL dammit people.
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    Logo Design Help!!!

    Buying a compass tomorrow
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    Logo Design Help!!!

    Lol tis true. I was thinking last week that i wouldn't mind being more active on here. As you said a lot of people here are professionals that have work "ON" What i find strange is that with allllll the work that is ON, how many people manage to spend sooooo much time posting and creating...
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    judge my promo posters

    I dunno they seem to look spot on for the kind of flyers your get for clubs and what not. I used to flyer for clubs in my college days and some of the print stuff there was reallly over worked but it worked.
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    Creating a website

    That actually helped me out too. Want to create a new website and have 3-4 static pages and a blog on the end.