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    Please criticize my logo

    Hi, I think if you shortened the middle line of the E and aligned that to the inner corner of the right part of the m you would see the E and M. I think you have a great style!
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    File Backup

    I save important files to an external hard drive. And I subscribe to Backblaze.
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    I'm new here

    Hi Charles! Welcome! :)
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    NEW Technology to Drastically Improve Image Quality

    Thanks for sharing this! Very impressive!
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    Take a look at my logotype

    I love the graphic behind the KKs but it might be too much together? I like the first of the three KKs that you've shown without the design behind it, and I would match the font of your name to the KKs.
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    Help with the design of a logo please!

    A logo is important for the brand and identity of a company.
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    The beginning of graphic works[Please Critique]

    WOW! You are very talented! I love all of your designs and layouts! The only (very small) things I noticed are the alignment and scale of a few of the icons and text. Maybe make sure the icons are the same size of any icons they are grouped with on the phone settings graphic and text is all...