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  • Hello everyone I am new to this forum and really need some advice, can you help?

    Up until the beginning of this year I was freelancing for a small print company, everything was on a casual basis so no formal contracts or anything. The first invoice I sent was paid with no problems but all subsequent invoices were ignored and they then decided they were not going to pay for the work they had requested, even though they had received all the high res files etc.... (It all became very embarrassing as I was introduced to these guys through a friend!)

    Anyway to cut a very long story short I eventually managed to get just over half of the money owed to me, and from that point on have decided for obvious reasons not to take on anymore work from this company.

    Yesterday to my amazement they have emailed me requesting that I resend some artwork files as they have managed to lose there copies!!! I personally think this request is outrageous, but I am worried about there request, because I am not sure if I am legally obliged to resend them these lost files or not?

    Can anyone help?

    Thanking you all in advance!
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