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Hi all,

im after some critique,

ive designed and partially coded my first website and im after some thoughts and advice on the design & layour etc.

all input is appreciated.


its all very early stage at the moment.


I like it. Maybe the intro bit could be done a bit better? Rather than having a block of text, instead have something similar to a tagline?

We'll give the code a look when it's all done, i'll take it you're using wordpress for the news section?
wordpress might be something i look into but i have no experience with wordpress so i wouldnt know how to link it together.

im having trouble putting a contact form in at the moment.

it just throughs out all of the div's :/

ignore the bit about the contact form :D

who knew missing an end div tag could be so troublesome :D
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I like the way the elements all have their own space. Makes the page content easy to follow.
I think the only thing that looks a little weird to me is how long and thin the black losange looks around the menu. I would be tempted to increase the hight of the losange and maybe increase the text size a tad (but than again that could just be certanly doesn't look bad as it is).

I would also recommend wordpress as I have built several blog pages using it and have recently been building entire sites on it and it is an emazingly powerful/flexible CMS once you get your head around it.

On a side note....I love your iPhone wallpaper :)