Your favourite design blogs?


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Hi all,

Wondering if any of you guys can recommend some awesome design blogs that I should be reading/following and to ask which are your current favourites? Wanting to expand my current online reading and thought the delightful people of Design Forums would have some top notch recommendations.

Looking forward to seeing your thoughts :)
Thanks guys - think I have more than enough reading material to get through and catch-up on now :lol:
If you think of anything else, feel free to share :)
Not really design blogs, more development, but as this is under web design I'll sneak them in:

A List Apart - one of the best development blogs out there, highest quality.
Design Forums' very own CSSWizardry - Harry Roberts used to frequent here quite often back when I was more active (over 5 years ago now!) and he's one of the leading authorities on CSS.
That said, CSS-Tricks is the go-to place for CSS. Superb quality and so easy to digest.
Another vote for Smashing Mag too, probably the best one to follow if you just want one web design blog to follow.
Recently i did a blog of MAP-IT Inc and it's design is just great i mean you could also look up-to that and feel it exactly.